Three Things You Must Try at My Hii Cafe

August 29, 2023

Three Things You Must Try at My Hii Cafe

If you are in Ahmedabad and want to sit by the riverfront and have a good time then My Hii Café is the place for you. You may unwind and have a nice lunch with your friend at our cozy little cafe. We have made our ambiance perfect for every age group. If you are looking to go for incredibly delicious delights without breaking the bank My Hii Café is your place. Also, if you visit My Hii Café we recommend following three items to try.

Taste That Chocolate Almond Crunch Shake

If you like chocolate and almonds, you’ll adore the Choco Almond Crunch Shake from My Hii Café. This shake, which mixes the richness of chocolate with the nuttiness of almonds, is our personal favourite. We use premium cocoa powder and raw almonds in the shake to ensure that every sip you take is bursting with flavour. The unique flavour of our Chocolate Almond Crunch Shake comes from the almond brittle chunks. When you take a drink of the shake, the crunchy bits provide a nice contrast to the otherwise velvety texture.

Sp. Kaju Anieer Roll Cut Kulfi is to die for.

This kulfi will blow your mind with its original flavours and excellent taste, whether you’re a devotee of traditional Indian delicacies or just someone with a daring pallet. You have never had anything quite like this before. Heavenly kulfi made with cashews and saffron is a match made in dessert heaven. A blast of sweetness and nuttiness in every bite will leave you wanting more. It’s so silky and delicious that it seems to dissolve in your mouth.

Try some insane Paneer Afghani Tikka Barbeque.

Paneer Afghani Tikka Barbeque is a recipe that will make your taste buds do a happy dance if you enjoy paneer and spicy food. The paneer cubes are marinated in a traditional spice mixture that takes you on a culinary journey to the bazaars of Afghanistan. The spiciness of the spices is wonderfully tempered by the richness of the texture, making every bite a pleasure. We are sure our Paneer Afghani Tikka Barbeque will keep you coming for more.

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In Ahmedabad, My Hii Café is the place to go for a relaxed meal with friends at a reasonable price. We guarantee that after you try one of our delicious meals, you won’t be able to get enough of it! Visit My Hii Cafe for some tasty delicacies; your taste buds will thank you.

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